Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Challenge #272

Good day to all!  
It is gorgeous here and fingers crossed, I think summer might be on its way.  We got lots of yard work done and our garden is coming up..everything is great on our front.  I hope you can say the same wherever you are.

Our photo this week is of a tulip (from our garden) blowing in the wind.
The tulips are so pretty; I just wish they lasted longer.

On to our top cards from challenge #270.....here they are (in no particular order).

Great cards, ladies!
Just a note, though:  If you are going to enter our challenge, please make sure your image is either a jpeg or png format.  There was a card we wanted to highlight but it was on Flickr and it was a link.  It is too bad we cannot spotlight that card as well.  If you do not have a blog, you can always post it on our Facebook page; everyone will see it there.

Now for challenge #272 with an optional theme Summer Fun.
Looks like a really fun one to me!
And here are the cards from our team:

Very cool cards, team!  And each one is so unique. I am sure you have inspired our viewers with these examples.
Remember, everyone, our challenge runs for two weeks and you can enter below (using the linky) or on our Facebook page.
Happy creating and enjoy your week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Challenge #271

Hello, all, and how are you?  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. If you are new here, welcome!  If you are a regular visitor, welcome back!

As usual, we start with a photo I took throughout the week.
I am partial to finches and took this rear view to show its beautiful plumage.  And to me, spring is here once the finches are back.

On to our top cards for challenge #269....here they are in random order:

and honourable mention to: 

A "high five" for our top picks and a round of applause for all who participated.  All the cards rocked!!!

Now for challenge #271...
Optional theme: It's a Party (feel free to use it or not)
Here are the awesome cards from our team.

Wow!  Great cards!  Our viewers cannot help but want to make cards after seeing these awesome examples based on our sketch.  Thanks for being on our team!

Remember, everyone, that our challenge runs for two full weeks and you can enter below or by commenting on our Facebook page.  Happy creating...and have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Challenge #270

Good day to everyone! And welcome to Try Stampin' - Or Not! I hope all is well with you.
As usual, we start out with our photo for the week.  
This "puffed-out" cowbird brings a smile to my face.  Hope you have the same reaction.

On to our top cards from challenge #268.  Here they are in random order..

Beautiful, ladies!  Congrats to everyone who participated in the challenge this week.  Your cards rock!

Our sketch this week is a  thanks to Crystal.  And the OPTIONAL THEME is MAY FLOWERS. It is up to you if you want to use it.
Delicate sketches always leave room for lots of interpretation.  And here are the cards from the team:

All I can say is WOW!!  Great cards, designers!  And each so different from the rest.  I am sure our visitors will want to participate after seeing your  amazing   work.

Remember, all, that our challenge runs until May 23rd and you can enter below or as a comment on our Facebook page.   I cannot wait to see your creations.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Challenge #269

Good day to everyone out there!  I hope your week is starting off well.  We finally have some nice weather here (at least for a day or two) and our tulips are starting to pop up.  Hence our photo for the week.  I tried a bit of selective focus and am pretty happy with the results.

On to our top 3 from challenge #267.  Here they are in no particular order:

Way to go, ladies!  Beautiful cards.  We had several   great entries again this week both here and on Facebook.  We love the share our cards with you and, in turn, love to see your cards as well.

Our challenge for this week is courtesy of Crystal and is a beautiful sketch with loads of possibilities:
Since Mother's Day is coming, the optional theme is  Mom and Me.  It is up to you whether you use the theme or not.

Here are the cards from our talented team:

Beautiful, inspirational cards,team!  I love  all of the different techniques you used and I am certain that  our followers feel the same.  I cannot wait to see the cards everyone out there come up with based on our sketch and inspired by our talented team.  Remember, you have two weeks to enter and you can  use the linky below or  post on our Facebook page.  Happy crafting, all!

And a very warm Mother's Day to everyone out there!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Challenge #268

Hi, everyone!   Hope you are having a great week so far.  It is cold here - again; yesterday we had snow. Brrrrrr, will spring ever come?

As always, we  begin with our photo of the week.
This robin was all ruffled up and taking a shower in the rain the other day.  He was just too cute to pass by.

Our top cards from Challenge #266 are as follows (in no particular order):

Beautiful, ladies!  Once again there were several entries which makes my job very hard- but that is a VERY GOOD THING!  Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to our top three!

On to this week's sketch.....
Our optional theme is : A  Trio of Textures (use it or not, it is up to you).
And here are the designs from the team:

Awesome samples, team!  Beautiful as always.  I am positive that you will inspire each of our viewers to create a card for this challenge.  Thanks so much for being on the Try Stampin' team.
Followers, remember this challenge  runs for two weeks and you can enter below using the linky or as a comment on our Facebook page.
Happy creating, all!  have a good week!